Weaver's Social Enterprise Directory

Purchase a Database

Purchasing a Database

Weaver’s Social Enterprise Directory contains information on over 1,050 social enterprises throughout the United States. There are currently two databases that compile this information for purchase. The two databases available include:


1) The Full Directory Database that provides all of the information for the 1,050 social enterprises in Weaver’s Social Enterprise Directory. The ideal use for this directory is for research or educational efforts that want information on the goods and services, social activities, and target beneficiaries of social enterprises, as well as contact information.


2) The Social Enterprise Contact Information Database that provides the main contact information for the 1,050 social enterprises in Weaver’s Social Enterprise Directory. The ideal uses for this database are marketing, research recruitment, and program recruitment purposes.


Database purchasers receive a Microsoft Excel document with the relevant data in the directory via email immediately after making a purchase. To purchase a database, click on the preview of the Excel sheet below or visit https://www.projectsocialimpactxchange.com/




Complete List of Variables in Weaver’s Social Enterprise Directory


  1.  Timestamp

  2.  Social Enterprise Name

  3.  Parent Company Name (if appropriate – if social enterprise was created by an existing organization)

  4.  Website Link

  5.  Main Street Address

  6.  City

  7.  State

  8.  Zip Code

  9.  Phone Number

  10.  Business Email Address

  11.  Executive Director/ CEO

  12.  Executive Director/ CEO’s Email Address

  13.  Legal Form (that the social enterprise is incorporated under)

  14.  Main Social Impact Area

  15.  Types of Goods and Services Sold

  16.  Examples of Goods and Services Sold

  17.  Types of Socially Beneficial Activities

  18.  Examples of Socially Beneficial Activities

  19.  Types of Target Beneficiaries

  20.  Examples of Target Beneficiaries


Note: These databases are updated on an annual basis (this will change over time). The next update will occur in mid-October 2020. Custom directories are also available on request.